Your first step will be to build the network infrastructure in AWS. In this section, you will leverage AWS Quick Start to build a secure and highly available network infrastructure (HA). You will then deploy one more AWS Managed Microsoft Active Directory using AWS Directory Service to simulate your DNS on-prem system. When you complete this section, you will have successfully deployed the following infrastructure architecture:

Set up

AWS Quick Starts

AWS Quick Starts is a library of architectural templates built by Solution Architects and AWS Partners. AWS Quick Starts uses AWS CloudFormation as the engine to build the architectures written in its templates.

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation is AWS’s Infrastructure as Code (IaC) service that allows you to create template-based infrastructure (written in YAML or JSON). Template is uploaded to the CloudFormation service and automatically generates the infrastructure described in the template.

AWS Directory Service

AWS Directory Service is a tool that allows you to deploy an Active Directory right on AWS Cloud to simplify management and provide end-user access to AWS services.


  1. Generate Key Pair
  2. Starting CloudFormation Template
  3. Security Group Configuration